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Lime & Lilac - light nourishing oil

To most It may seem a little counterintuitive to use a face oil on a challenged/combination skin but I feel it's been the one ingredient that has had a positive impact on my overall complexion. My personal journey with oils started many, many moons ago; although unfortunately it wasn't always plain sailing as many were just too rich! There are a vast amount of seed oils to choose from; each offering their own unique qualities whether it be different textures, smells (some pungent), absorption rates etc.

Even though my skincare courses have come to an end I still find myself researching oils and their chemical composition - I'm truly hooked, especially with their ability to naturally nourish and heal the skin. It has always been my dream to create my own skincare range, specifically using oils and now I have the tools to accomplish this dream I'm very close to launching my first light nourishing face oil. I'm currently in preparation for the CPSR (cosmetic product safety report) and once that has been successful I'll be ready to sell via my website.

Each plant oil has been carefully selected, with each ingredient having a particular benefit for the skins function. This blend offers key essential fatty acids and vitamins which helps support and enable your skin to increase cell renewal, support collagen production, fight against inflammation, shield against oxidation and treat scar/blemish tissue.

Lime & Lilac light nourishing oil has a super light weight/non-occlusive texture but also deeply nourishes, making it especially favourable for all skin types with perhaps the exception of Very dry. Each plant oil has a high percentage of Linoleic acid (omega 6) meaning it is absorbed into the skin rapidly, leaving no oily residue.

I hope you enjoy my face oil as much as I do :)

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