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Bionic Vionic

All readers will receive 20% off any purchase on the Vionic website with the code LL20 - valid until midnight Thursday 7th September.


This is my second blog on Vionic footwear. See my blog page to read all about their Rest Sahara sandals.

I received these Uber comfortable Vionic black suede trainers from Myriad PR. To say I love trainers is quite possibly the understatement of the year!!

This classic style - Fresh Kenley allows me to wear these trainers with pretty much any outfit; either dressed up or dressed down.

What Vionic say: Vionic is a fashionable and comfortable footwear range with Bio mechanically-designed orthotic technology, which helps restore natural foot function and promote well- being with every step.............as an active person I'm all for that :)

My obsession for Vionic shoes started April/May time this year when I first discovered their sandals. Go check out their website and spend, spend, spend!!

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