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Suns out, Guns out

The summer is fast approaching which inevitably means baring a little more skin, especially the feet. Now, my passion for sandals has been a long and illustrious affair; with all their diverse styles, colours and textures but there is one rather big down fall - lack of comfort!

A true testament of a good sandal is style (obviously) and the ability to be able to walk more than 100 metres without your toes pinching or stitching rubbing uncomfortably.

This is no easy "feet" 👣, although thankfully increasingly easier to obtain in today's vast shoe market.

I've recently discovered a brand that offers both looks and support, their technology hugs the arches and allows for the natural alignment of the foot and ankle. To state that the Vionic sandals are comfortable is quite possibly the understatement of the year! They are like no other shoe I have ever worn; well apart from my trusted trainers which don't always have the desired look.

My chosen sandals are Rest Sahara in Tan Leopard but there is a wide selection to choose from, each appealing to everyone's different and unique styles.

As a frequent runner and dog walker I feel it a necessity to be fastidious with the upkeep of my feet; dry skin and unkept toe nails are a big no,no. Not only are these unsightly but can cause extreme discomfort. A tool I could never be without is my Margaret Dabbs foot file (now available in M&S). This superior file eliminates any unwanted hard skin and callouses. I can honestly say I have never had such fabulous results with any other brand. To compliment this stage I more often than not reach for my Lush Dream Cream, it truly gives my feet a much needed moisture surge. To intensify this stage I then pop on a pair of cotton moisture socks......and voila', perfectly prepped feet. Of course nail varnish is optional but I feel there is nothing like a pop of bright colour on the toe nails to announce that summer has finally arrived.

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