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Plie' up on the skin

Plié Treatment cleanser by Jordan Samuel. I was gifted this cleanser by a good friend in America, thank you @.......... It's something that I was desperate to get my hands on after reading such positive and raving reviews. Now, I have to be honest, when I initially felt the texture I was a little apprehensive (actually terrified). It's balmy.....my skin reacts terribly to balms!! They either bring me out in sore spots and more often than not contribute to my contact dermatitis, especially on my eye lids. I know I should do my ingredient homework to get to the bottom of this issue but I'm a lazy girl, so would rather avoid them instead!!

Eventually I took the plunge and gave the cleanser ago; I was feeling particularly brave that day ;). The texture is denser than I've ever experienced before, almost gel like and the scent is quite delicate and I must say rather lovely. I often think that the benefits of a product should always outweigh the aroma but I love a product that can offer both; and this product does just that.

I use a good sized dollop and massage onto my face and neck, within a matter of seconds it transforms into an oil. Not an occlusive oil but light with an easy slip; perfect for a pampering massage. I then proceed by adding a little water to emulsify and remove with a face cloth. My skin feels peachy soft and plump and even more importantly no eye irritation.........Yes result!!

I'm very happy to report that after weeks of usage the Plié cleanser hasn't caused any unwanted uncomfortable breakouts, if anything it has regulated my skins oil production. All hail the king of cleansers..........Plié

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