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Nighty Night New You...

Bella Aura Night Cellular Renewal.

It's becoming an almost impossible task to favour one product in this unique range. I've yet to personally find a skincare collection that quite compares. Serums, oils and essences are not a necessary companion for these lightweight serum-creams. They work efficiently on their own; offering potent, naturally sourced botanical ingredients that feed and nourish the skin.

Yep it's official, I'm loving this range and its ability to transform my stressed and environmentally challenged skin within one application. It's an ahhh in a bottle and what a bottle! The Night Cellular Renewal emulsion is housed in a classic glass black bottle; so not only does it's contents perform wonders it also looks beautiful in the bedroom.

My thirsty skin absorbs the Night Cellular Renewal within seconds, leaving it intensely hydrated and without any greasy residue - resulting in a calm, even toned complexion. It has the lightest texture of all the range but don't let that mislead you as it contains some formidable ingredients such as essential fatty acids and minerals, and is high in vitamin E-C-A-B complex-K-F-D.

I was initially going to write one review for the 5 piece range but feel each product deserves its own celebration. Thank you Yasmine for producing such beautiful products ❤️

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