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A drink for the skin :)

BABOR SKINOVAGE Intense Balancing Cream

The light fragrance of this intensely hydrating gel-cream transports me to the warmer climates of my Italian getaways. To me it's summer in a jar;

it has the most unique fresh scent and a texture which is ideal for quenching a thirsty skin after a day in the sun. I have not as yet booked a holiday but on the off chance I do, I will most certainly be taking this little gem with me to combat against any dehydration.

As per usual I was apprehensive about trying this cream as its generally a little denser/ bouncier in consistency than I'd prefer. I really feel I'll never escape this irrational fear of heavy creams and serums!! I'm now wondering if there's an actual phobia 'name' for it ;). Oops sorry I digress; easily done as I have the concentration span of a gold fish!

Now back to the Balancing Cream; as the name suggests it really does have intelligent balancing qualities. It super charges my dehydrated areas and regulates the oiler zones of my face; how it manages to do this, I have absolutely no idea!! My skin feels suitably fresh, plumpious and springy (almost more resilient) immediately after use and continues throughout the day. I realise these are odd words to describe the condition of my skin but I'm just going with it! The cream incorporates alpine stem cells that help to protect the skin against free radical aggressors, something I feel very strongly about as environmental induced ageing is one of the top contributing factors that age the skin; sun being number one. I will be repurchasing but not for some time as this little Tardis of a pot is lasting so well.

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