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To spritz or not to spritz....

I was asked a question today that made me stop and think about skincare and each of our personal preferences. It was simply "Why do you spritz before applying products". The answer to that question is because I've never enjoyed applying moisturisers straight onto a dry skin. It feels too cloying (even the lightest lotion).

It all started when I developed excessively oily, very congested and spot prone skin in my early twenties. I realised the importance of protecting my skin against the elements especially the sun but absolutely hated the feeling of creams!

I knew the consequences all too well (sore spots) but then I discovered Spritzing!!

Quite revolutionary in 'those days'. It meant that I used the tiniest amount of product but it spread much further and absorbed into my skin rapidly.......Hey Presto!! I didn't use sophisticated tonics then, just a simple spritz of water as the industry was full of alcohol ridden toners.

Twenty plus years down the line and I'm still practising the art of spritzing (skincare friendly toners). I often forego this information in my daily posts as I try not to be too repetitive but I guess it can be misleading if I'm not consistent with my routine descriptions. I spritz before each product application! Perhaps a little excessive for most but it works a treat on me.

Something that I've learnt over the years is that each and every one of us is different, even if we share a similar skin complaint. I've been guilty in the past of purchasing skincare that well known bloggers use as I thought my skin issues were identical to theirs. How wrong could I be! What I didn't take into consideration was that I have very fine, delicate skin that can't always tolerate the stronger products that some oilier skin types can. Unfortunately it's all down to trial and error and what works for each of us doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for the next person. Why is skin so complicated :(

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