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SBC.... easy as 123!!

Aww, SBC gels you are my skin savour; with your extensive collection of light, quickly absorbing water based gels that work to deeply hydrate my thirsty skin!!

For many years I exclusively used the Collagen gel as a thick mask but I have more recently discovered and fallen in love with the Propolis and Vitamin E gels. Each have a distinctive fragrance and slightly differ in texture.

SBC Propolis gel has as you'd expect, a medicinal scent, but nothing too overpowering. To be honest, I wasn't overly keen on the smell but I've grown to accept it; especially after seeing the results on my skin! The consistency of this gel is a little denser, I feel it soothes and nurtures the skin a little more than the others. Its particularly good when my face is feeling tight and sore after long dog walks in the cold British weather.

A tip I've learnt from Instagram's beauty community is to mix both the Collagen and Vitamin E gels together and layer as a thick mask for an intensive moisturising boost. My skin literally drinks this in, in a matter of minutes!! I always reapply until sufficiently hydrated; this can sometimes take up to 3 applications.

You may be wondering why I prefer gels as opposed to creamier heavier masks. The answer to this is because my skin needs water/hydration and not oilier creams (with the exception of cream/clay masks). Cream masks are fantastic for normal-dryer types but more often than not cause congestion and spots on my combination skin; even with those that claim to be for dehydrated-combination types.

I can use these gels as many times as needed and I'm always confident in the knowledge that they won't cause unwanted skin issues. They do however contain a small amount of alcohol but this has never caused an adverse reaction. I feel the proof of the pudding is that I can comfortably apply each of these gels around my uber sensitive eyes and mobile lid without any irritation. Unfortunately I can't say the same for many other products on the market (it's the bane of my skincare life) :(

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