• Lisa Colegate

Holy Moly.....

HOLY GRAIL Hibiscus & Pomegranate Detoxifying Clay Mask

This beautiful berry scented organic mask is bursting with some of the most beneficial anti ageing ingredients in the skincare market. It outshines your average detoxifying clay mask; to be perfectly honest it's a bit of an insult to even compare the two. The consistency is much creamier and doesn't 'set' uncomfortably on the skin, even after 30 mins.

On closer inspection I noticed tiny spherical jojoba seeds; not too densely packed but enough to give a light exfoliation. On application I massaged the mask in circular movements over my face and neck, then I allowed the ingredients to work their magic for 30 minutes.

The Hibiscus in this Holy Grail mask has a slight resurfacing property, supports skin elasticity, and generally energises the skin; thats got to be good thing!! ........But it doesn't end there!! Pomegranate is anti-ageing (Vitamin C), intensely moisturising and is rich in antioxidants! Also in addition to these two power house ingredients are AHA, Kaolin Clay, Hyaluronic Acid and Co Enzyme Q10!!

As you can imagine once the mask is rinsed off, the skin feels plump, hydrated and refreshed. I've been using this detoxifying mask twice a week and I'm happy to report its worked wonders on my hydration levels; something that I thought I'd never say about a clay mask! It's also fantastic on the back of the hands, it really brightens and refines the texture. This is a perfect addition to my current skincare routine and a must for anyone looking for both gentle resurfacing and blemish busting results.

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