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An Ampoule a Day.....

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Babor Algae Active Ampoules. These particular ampoules work on refreshing and plumping as well as encouraging detoxification by enzymatic activity - promoting a healthy, hydrated skin. There is a wide selection of ampoules to cater for different skin types and needs.

Each daily dose of serum is housed in individual glass vials; which acts to preserve all the active ingredients. There's something very satisfying about snapping the glass vial open on an evening after cleansing (each 7x2ml ampoule box contains a little opening device which allows easy access).

I was initially surprised at the generous amount of serum within each container! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I'd rather too much product than too little! It soon became apparent that this active fluid serum sinks into and nourishes the skin within seconds, with no sticky aftermath. I was easily able to spread the serum from my hair line to bust line. This immediately satisfied my thirsty, dehydrated skin and I didn't feel it a necessity to immediately follow with a moisturiser (but of course I did).

This little cocktail of skin loving ingredients worked their magic to intensely hydrate, plump and refresh my fatigued skin, so much so that I used them for 7 consecutive days and I've now run out!! I think a true test of a great skincare product is:

(1) Witnessing a positive change in your skins general health

(2) (this is the stage I'm at) Feeling sheer panic when you've used all the product up!!

I desperately need this back in my life and NOW!!

I feel my last sentence gives a little hint to just how much I loved using these Active Fluid Serums; without having to go into too much detail ;)

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