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My new obsession :)

Aeria Skin Intensive Hydrating Masks

Sheet masks are my new skincare obsession! They are capable of providing maximum hydration with minimal time and effort. However, to be brutally honest I have had difficulties in the past with application.

A reoccurring theme/problem is their size, which are more often than not way too big for my face and rather than hug my skin and contours, just simply hang off.

So you can imagine my excitement and surprise when the Aeria mask adhered snugly to my face; no excess bits of material waving in the breeze......... Yay, at last!!!

The material is 100% organic cotton; the consistency is fine but more importantly, resilient. Aeria masks incorporate certified organic, natural and active ingredients, hence making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Upon application the most notable sensation was just how cooling and soothing they are. The cotton mask is generously infused with a delicate hydrating serum, which contains no harsh irritating chemicals.

I left the sheet on for the instructed 20 minutes (I often don't follow instructions as the serums in some sheet masks aren't quite as hydrating as stated, so I inevitably leave them on for longer than desired). The Aeria mask super - intensely hydrated and plumped my skin within the recommended 20 minutes!!! Any fine lines were softened and my skin looked perfectly refreshed and rejuvenated; all prepped and ready for my skincare routine.

The packaging is just the cutest! The 5 masks are housed in a beautifully designed box, although I consider calling it a box an injustice! I reckon 'wardrobe' is a better description. Attached to the wardrobe is a material tag, one quick pull reveals the separately wrapped masks.

The Aeria Intensive Hydrating masks would make the most perfect gift for a loved one or more importantly for yourself ;)

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