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Apothaka rejuvenating face oil for normal - combination skin

It won't come as a big surprise to those that have read my previous blogs that my love for face oils has been a long and illustrious affair. Their natural affinity with the skin and balancing properties have always kept me coming back for more. I've used several different face oils over the past few years; each with their own unique benefits and textures.

My preference is an oil that is light, easily absorbed and that balances my temperamental skin.

It took me decades to truly understand the benefits of using an oil on an already oily skin!

I was always too frightened to experiment; thinking it would only exacerbate my existing problems (Oh, how wrong was I). I finally took the plunge and have never looked back.

The Apothaka face oil for normal - combination skin is an exquisitely hand blended plant oil that has a low comedogenic rating; something that I find very reassuring. There's nothing worse than applying a product that is too heavy and occlusive. This lightweight oil is easily absorbed into my skin but also offers essential hydration; it's fast becoming one of my favourite skincare items! The subtle aroma of sandalwood and geranium make this oil such a joy to use. I realise the benefits of a product should outweigh the scent but there's nothing more gratifying than a product that offers both.

My skin has without doubt a more even and consistent tone; there's definitely an overall brightness. Both my husband and mum have commented on the positive change in my skin over the past several weeks (I'm one happy lady!). This oil has helped me to promote a more radiant, stronger and hydrated skin; my fine dehydrated lines have been successfully obliterated!! Something thats worth mentioning is that it also contains co-enzyme Q10; a powerful antioxidant. Now, I'm always happy to get all the help I can in the fight against free radical damage!!

There's an oil available for normal to dry skin too!!

Will I repurchase?...........Most definitely! Would I recommend it to my readers?........Hell yes!! For more information pop onto www.apothaka.com

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