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Eye creams! .........Umm a point of contention for me!! Unfortunately I'm always left disappointed by them with their apparent ability to tackle all types of issues: lines, puffiness, dark circles etc.

My main concern is hydration and I've always believed this to be the ultimate key to a good conditioned skin. To the point where I've become a tad obsessed with skin hydration!! Lines are inevitable, especially around the delicate eye area and even more so if you're a smiler! (I'm a smiler). I'm probably in the minority when I say I like to see smile lines, particularly when they're in good condition. My personal eye cream goal is to find one that intensely hydrates without causing puffiness or milia. No easy feat!!! I have a particular dislike for the silicon type creams/serums that claim to blur lines. To give them credit, I do think they blur to some extent but I want a cream that tackles my issues, not disguises them!

Yep I'm very hard to please. I recently entered a competition to win the @babor_uk Skinovage Reactivating Eye Cream and I'm chuffed to say I won, I was over the moon! An opportunity to try a prestigious brand. On opening the lid I noticed the cream wasn't too firm and set but had a bounce to it, almost glossy and wet. The texture is smooth and silky and application is a dream; no dragging or pulling. I'm confident in the knowledge that this won't cause milia. Although its nourishing and comforting, it's not too heavy on the skin and is fast absorbing. Something that I've experienced with this eye cream and no other, is upon waking the skin around my eye area is still hydrated, plump and has a fresher appearance.

My delicate paper thin orbital area seems stronger, even after the 'pinch' test the skin bounces back much quicker than previously. To say I'm hooked on this gorgeous eye cream is the understatement of the year, I'm obsessed and I need it to remain in my life forever!!!

Thank you Babor :)

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