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Nourishing Night Oil

AD Skin Synergy nourishing night treatment oil is a beautifully blended facial oil which incorporates a variety of fragrant organic ingredients. It has a delicate subtle aroma which immediately relaxes the senses; I couldn't help but inhale this before application (even my husband commented on the fragrance!). The texture is just heavenly, it has such a natural affinity with the skin, so fine and easily absorbed.

It may seem a little premature writing about a product after just 2 days of use but I saw immediate results on my delicate dehydrated skin, especially on my neck and décolletage. There was a definite marked improvement on the texture and any fine lines were softened. My skin generally felt plump and dewy - something I think we're all after. Application couldn't be easier, just add 2-3 pumps (more if your skin is dryer) into the palm of your hands, warm together, inhale and massage onto the skin. No other products are needed; just allow this decadent oil to absorb into the skin while cell regeneration is at its maximum. Although I have combination skin that's prone to hormonal breakouts, I didn't for a moment feel apprehensive about applying this light oil to my face. For me it's an essential to provide my skin with as much hydration as possible, especially when tackling this bitterly cold weather and the added aggressor of the 'moisture zapping' central heating!! I feel confident in the knowledge that this treatment oil will provide the above and perhaps even regulate my often confused skin. A dryer or more mature skin would also love this comforting, nourishing and intensely hydrating night treatment (I've recommended it to my mum). Independent

clinical studies reveal a 60% increase in skin hydration in just 30 minutes..........pretty impressive stuff! AD Skin Synergy nourishing treatment oil is multi award - winning and is featured in The Ultimate Natural, Anti-Ageing and The Green Beauty Bible..... how's that for an accolade!! This is now my new 'go to' facial oil, it has the exact same desired results as my much more expensive oils and for a fraction of the price......... one happy lady (and one happy husband)!!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to AD Skin Synergy for sending me this oil free of charge so I can trial and review x

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