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Laura Geller Mediterranean Makeup Collection

I recently received this much anticipated parcel in the post a few days ago. I'm pleased to say the contents have yet to disappoint. This bumper Laura Geller makeup collection consists of 6 items:

* Balance-n-brighten foundation in Fair

* Blush-n-brighten blusher in Raspberry

* Kajal eye liner in Plum Grey

* Lip crayon in Berry Sparklin

* Baked eye shadow in Candy and Fig

* Eye shadow brush

Ultimately, the deciding factor for purchasing this set was to give the Balance-n-brighten foundation a whirl. I'd seen it demonstrated numerous times over the years on QVC but was never tempted, perhaps I didn't believe the 'Hype'. Well, my goodness I wish I'd taken the plunge sooner!

I promise I'm not digressing from the subject but I think its important to describe how impossibly sensitive my skin has become especially around the eyes: to the point where I have to boil all my face flannels due to reacting to washing detergents! So you can understand my caution when applying new make up but I'm pleased to say I had absolutely no irritation. This may be down to the fact there's no additional fillers or binders.

The foundation itself has a swirly marble effect, which incorporates several different colour correcting shades and tones. I was initially worried it would be too yellow for my skin tone and would leave a demarcation line but to my surprise, no such thing happened. A foundation feature I avoid these days are those bases that completely cover your skin, giving a matt, one dementional, just been 'dug up' look. Don't get me wrong, these were my preference when I was younger and struggled with skin issues. However this baked formulation is the perfect shade for me and almost undetectable on my skin. It's a lovely foundation applied on its own for an every day natural look OR buffed over a light liquid foundation. I've had a play applying the L.G over my bare minerals Complexion Rescue in Vanilla 02 and my Chanel Aqualumiere in 20-Beige, with flawless results.

The blusher has a raspberry ripple marbling effect and although the pigment is 'out there', when its applied it gives a subtle ethereal look. Now onto the Kajal eye liner, its long lasting -Yay!! This is an absolute must for me as I have the oiliest eye lids in the world and no matter what eye lid primer I use, the majority of it migrates to my upper lids just under my brows. Double brows ain't a good look! So I'm pleased to announce this lasted. I will definitely be investing in different shades in the near future. Christmas is coming so now would be a good time to buy (if my hubby is reading - hint, hint).

The lip crayon is quite an intense shade for my fair skin but when used sparingly gives a nice wash of colour, although unfortunately it did bleed a little. Finally to the eye shadow; now I personally like the Candy and Fig shades, it smoothes onto the lid nicely and stays put throughout the day.

This collection of colours are designed to compliment each other and I have to say, I agree. The colour spectrum probably isn't for everybody's taste but I'm hoping this review has given you enough insight into the Laura Geller range.

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