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Dizzy about Decleor

To say I'm a little partial to Decleor skincare could quite possibly be the biggest understatement of the year!! It's played a big part in getting my skin under control, especially when I've felt dehydrated and the skin on my face resembles parchment paper. The picture below shows my two all time favourites from the range, which will always remain a crucial part of my regime. I'm only going to write a short non-technical description of each product as I'm sure each of these will feature in future posts.

Aromessence Solaire/apply on clean dry skin before your moisturiser:

This is a beautiful blend of aromatic oils. This particular oil is aimed at those wanting to protect their skin throughout the summer months and promotes an even tan. Although I'm not a sun worshipper and very rarely, if ever sunbathe, its still my preferred Decleor oil. I find it comforting and the required 3 drops (instructions for use are provided) rapidly sink in. This is so important to me as I can't think of anything worse than heavy oils sitting on the surface of the skin, Yuck!!

Hydra Floral Light cream:

This is available in several different textures, each aimed at different skin needs. The light formula works perfectly for my combination skin. I'd describe it as a drink for the skin without any heavy sticky residue. It instantly plumps out any dehydration lines and gives a radiant dewy appearance, without causing excess shine or new spots.

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